Welcome Business Friend

Market My Local Business dot com is here to help you Market your business in the virtual world to every local home in the area. Based in the St Louis, Mo. Metro area we are here to help you decide what your online presence needs are for your local business. If you have started an online presence we can also help you improve on what you have started.

As you read over our welcome page you will find out about some of our services and benefits you will gain from working with us. Just to put your mind at ease, we are not going to tell you our services are better than our competition but to let you know we are just like you, a small business trying to survive amongst the big guys.

Our Moto is…

We believe we can thrive on being honest and upfront about what we can do for your local business. By helping you succeed with your online presence helps our business grow to help many small local businesses online.

What we do for local business…

We help local business by using Internet Market methods to help Your local business have a presence online. We provide many types of services on a per business needs and situation.

Some of the services we offer are…

  • Build simple WordPress websites which are direct and to the point to help you sell your business online. If you came here for the next flashest and graphical nightmare website on the web you came to the wrong place.  
  • We can rebuild your static website in to a WordPress website that has the look, feel and style of your current website. You will also be found a lot quicker because search engines love’s WordPress websites!  
  • Lease what we call Lead Valve websites. These are a simple web page that Will Generate Leads for your business consistently.  
  • Build FaceBook Fan pages. With FaceBook being one of the most popular places people are sharing information to one another on the Web, why not get their attention and let them help you market your local business.

Benefits of working with us

  • We are a small business our self and we know how hard it can be to keep a business alive in these hard economical times. So we want to create a relationship that will last a long time.  
  • Using WordPress as a website has more value which means the search engines like Googles, MSN and Yahoo love them.  
  • Using WordPress will allow you to post to your site very easily on your own with out any technical knowledge.  
  • WordPress allows us to make your website look like a static website with your basic pages but also allows you to have a blog side were you can add content to it as you like with ease.  
  • Our WordPress theme we use allows you to add special offers to any page you want, be mobile accessible, have a newsletter built in to it and much much more…

These are a few benefits to building a website using WordPress for your local business. There are many more benefits you will find once you learn how to use the WordPress site building system.

Our theme also has some training videos built right in the admin side of the site to help you learn more about how to use the site. And if you want to learn how to change the site’s look and feel, we can help you learn that too because the theme we use is very flexible.

Our services are done in the order we gain clients so you may have to be placed on a waiting list before we can provide you with these services. So the best way to get started is Contact Us and tell use what you are looking for and we can work with you.

If you don’t see the service you are looking for here we do have partners we can direct you to for other services.